Tuesday, August 7, 2012

4 week puppy pics


 Not sure which black pup, probably Champ
 Olympia and Butterfly
 Butterfly playing with foot stool
 Butterfly batting at a weed
 Butterfly sniffing some purple sage
 Coming down the front walk
One of their last group meals.  Since then, we have been feeding the pups individually to discourage competitive feeding behaviors.  Also ensures that eat pup gets their fair share. 
 Feeding frenzy
 London playing with cone flower plant
 Olympia and London having their own Olympics wrestling match
 Summer trying to get up the front step
 Success, now she needs to get down.  Soon after this, I started putting down the comforter crash pad.
 Summer in front yard plants
 Summer in weeds
 Unidentifed pup yawning.  Possibly London since so light. 
Summer doing her own yawning.

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  1. The Olympic pups earn gold medals! Just adorable...