Sunday, August 26, 2012

Busy weekend

The pups have been busy hosting visitors and exploring their world.  Mealtime has become very important part of their day (true Jammer pups) and they are acting like a ravenous hoard.  By the way they were acting, I was wondering if they needed more chow.  I checked weights Friday evening, and they had gained 1 lb since Tuesday, so no, they are doing fine!  This morning, I took the pups on their first leash walk.  Going solo didn't seem to bother them, but lots of fussying with the leash and harness, as is to be expected.  We just did a square "loop" around the immediate neighbors houses.

 Flame going for her first leash walk
 Flame, first "Hurry" on leash
 Champ on his first leash walk
 Champ checking out the mailbox, a bit too young to be checking pee mail
 My refrigerator has become popular, the source of all that marvelous soaked puppy kibble
Butterfly tugging on my pant leg, hopefully she will be doing this as a service dog task
next year

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