Sunday, August 12, 2012

The great escape

Nancy kindly came over midday while I was at the State Fair.  She received quite the surprise when she walked in - 5 baby puppies on the loose.  The pups had managed to climb over the half gate; only Olympia was left in the pen.  So the puppy pen is officially closed, and the only access that the big dogs will have is when the pen is opened by a human.  Bridget is starting to let the pups know that weaning has begun.  The pups' appetites are picking up, so also time to increase the amount of kibble fed.  Currently, the pups are eating 3/4 of soaked kibble with goat milk added each per day.  Bridget is currently eating 6 cups per day of high calorie kibble, plus hard boiled egg and chicken.  I plan to start gradually reducing her food so that her milk production decreases.  Bridget's body condition is still excellent. 

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