Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lots of changes

This morning, I bumped out the puppy pen to full size (2 full ex-pens) so the pups have lots of room to play.  I forgot to check earlier, but the pups presumably starting cutting their teeth around 3 weeks of age.  They currently have a nice set of incisors and their baby canine/needle teeth are part way in.  Poor Bridget!  The pups have successfully transitioned from canned food to soaked kibble, and I just finished pasteurizing the first container of goat milk.  So they will be enjoying kibble and milk for the coming weeks.  I have seen Butterfly and Champ dunk their muzzles into the water bowl, but still haven't mastered lapping water.  Having some milk in the pan at meal time should help with learning that skill.

This litter likes to sleep behind and even under the litter box.  Butterfly started first, but other pups have been copying.
 Butterfly again
 Babies fall asleep in the darnest places (London).  The bricks flank the water bowl to decrease spillage
Flame with stuffed ball toy that rattles

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