Tuesday, July 17, 2012

1 week old

One week old and the pups are doing well.  Most of the pups have gained 11-13 oz since birth, should easily double by 10-14 days.  Weights range from 2 lbs (Blue) to l lb 11.6 oz (Red).  The pups are starting to enjoy stroking and gentle interactions, finally past the reactive, hypersensitive newborn stage.  Some eyelids are just starting to crack open at the inner corners.  We had a scare this weekend when Black boy suddenly became ill.  Newborn pups have almost no reserves and can quickly crash.  Don't know the reason, but I found him lethargic and dehydrated.  He responded slowly to nursing care and I checked on him through the night.  By the next morning, he was almost back to normal, but then his sister Purple was a bit off.  I gave her some extra fluids for hydration, and she quickly bounced back.  Since then, all is well other than Bridget is being a bit fussy about eating and has been slow to ramp up the milk production.  Just in case, I picked up three containers of goat milk from the local 4-H family close to my house. 

 Green girl and Blue boy
 New puppy pen - same size as the large puppy pool, but a bit less stuffy
 Silly Pink girl
 Purple and Black
 Green girl, Blue boy, and Red girl
 Red girl sleeping in Bridget's tail
 Red girl on Blue boy
Red girl, Black boy, and Purple girl

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