Wednesday, July 25, 2012

2 week old puppy pics

Some pics are compliments of Nancy.  Enjoy!

 Lunchtime (Butterfly, Flame, Summer and Champ)
 Butterfly with a toy - I have started add environmental enrichment items to the puppy pen
Butterfly and London sleeping on the new toy
 Choo Choo train (Butterfly, Flame and London)
 Flame, eyes open
 Flame yawning
 London meets Tengo the cat
 Olympia actively exploring
Olympia trying to make an escape.  Already acting like a Purple girl, who are notorious for being active mischievous pups. 
 Olympia sitting.  Newly opened eyes still have a blue caste, and the pups have limited vision.
 Olympia practing her walking
 Jet black little foot pads and rapidly growing toenails
 Puppy pile (Butterfly, Flame, London)
Through the ex-pen bars.  Photo credits to Nancy.

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