Saturday, July 14, 2012

Special Whelping Pics

Professional photographer Liz Kaye asked if she might be able to come over and photograph a whelping.  I told her it would depend on the dog, but that Bridget was a good candidate since she was an experienced dam and typically relaxed and trusting during whelpings.  Liz brought over her lights a few days before and we set them up in the living room (whelping suite-to-be) so we wouldn't have to move them in the day of the whelp, plus Bridget could get used to the new decor.  As expected, Bridget quickly accepted Liz and was totally unfazed by the photography equipment.  Thanks Liz for captured this special day on film. 

The whelping pool arrangement in my living room where eventually the puppy pen will be set up

Green girl being born, still in the sac
Green girl freed from the birth sac so that she could breath
Green girl being weighed
 Bridget welcomes her new daughter

 Newborn Red girl, just after her umbilical cord was tied off
Bridget checking out newborn Red girl
 Bridget cleaning up newborn Red girl 
 Red girl getting some assistance for her first meal

The warming box with a heating pad for when we need to remove the pups from the pool
 Big Black boy already making sure he gets his fair share
Just hours old
Hairbands make excellent newborn puppy collars

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