Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Welcome to the Olympics Litter

 Newborn pups
 Purple girl with her arm over Pink girl
 Big Blue boy, already an eager nurser
Bridget's due date was 7/9, and I planned to take vacation days on 7/9 and 7/10 so that I could monitor her as she was getting ready to whelp.  On my work schedule was marked "Puppy PTO".  Early the morning of Monday 7/9, Bridget was showing the early signs of getting ready to whelp, right on schedule.  But by midnight, the early labor signs subsided, but so much for that night of sleep.  She finally started up again Tuesday afternoon with some full contractions.  These were big pups and Bridget required my assistance for the two biggest boys.  In fact, we were very close to rushing her off to the vet clinic for a c-section, but ultimately were able to have a home birth.  Bridget was amazingly cooperative and trusting, such a trooper.  Ultimately, we had 6 big healthy pups, but unfortunately lost a seventh pup due to a congenital defect. Once again, Bridget was partial to yellow females. 

5:19 pm  Blue collar, yellow male  17.4 oz
5:44 pm  Nonviable pup (black male)
6:22 pm  Pink collar, yellow female  17.4 oz
6:47 pm  Purple collar, black female 17 oz
8:45 pm  Black collar, black male 18.2 oz
9:28 pm  Red collar, yellow female 15.2 oz
10:35 pm Green collar, yellow female 16.4 oz

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