Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Very Pregnant Bridget

BIG girl, measuring 37" in circumference

Within hours of getting ready to whelp.  Her coat was exceptionally gorgeous this pregnancy, a rich copper and silky soft.  I clipped up her belly so that the pups had easy access to the milk bar.

Bridget checking in on Sunday July 1.  Our big challenge when transfering was the extreme heat.  It was 106 degrees when Mary, Bridget's breeder caretaker, left Bedford, but fortunately a storm front had come through in Indy and the temperature had dropped by the time we made the transfer to my car for the drive out to Greenfield.  Bridget settled right in, and quickly decided the cool tile was the place to be.  Her due date is 7/9, and this will be her 4th litter.  Once again, the proud papa is Jammer.

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