Sunday, July 29, 2012

Into the puppy pen

I set up the puppy pen in the living room on Wed evening, and the pups started spending supervised time in the pen starting on Thursday.  Some crying when they would get lost, but they adapted easily.  On Friday evening, the pups were in the pen listening to the Olympics opening ceremonies, and I cuddled individual pups on my lap on the couch.  On Saturday morning, I moved the pups into the puppy pen for good, and took down the small pen my bedroom.  Bridget, being such a pro, had no problems with new arrangements and willingly stayed out in the main part of the house come bedtime.  And she is allowing the other adults dogs to visit with the pups.  We have even had some litter box action already, especially from London.  The biggest challenge has been to discourage Bridget from using the litter box as a nursing site. 

The pups are thriving, gaining weight, walking quite well and starting to hear.  They are enjoying a bite of canned food twice a day.  A few pups are already trying out their big dog voices - Flame was the first pup I heard bark end of last week.  The pups have already had visitations from a couple of young neighbor chilren.  The family doesn't have any pet dogs, so safe to visit the young pups.  Yesterday, both kids enjoyed sitting in the pen, holding the pups on their laps.  Mom also joined in, cuddling a pup on her lap up on the couch. 
 Nursing standing up
 Puppy pile, showing off their first real collars
 Olympia, her eyes do not look this blue normally, the effect is being magnified by the camera
Champ looking out from the puppy pile with one eye open

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